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Which camera tripods are the best for traveling?
I tested 5 of them to find out...

The stunning Lago di Braies in South Tyrol, Italy. 😃

What would you like me to write more about in the future?

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I've been taking a bit of a long-vacation from the blog, not writing a whole bunch. Getting ready to jump back in and would like to get your feedback. 🤓

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Sainte-Chapelle is a gothic royal chapel built by King Louis IX of France to hold his collection of Christian relics, including Christ’s “crown of thorns”.

Ooh la la! Finally made it to the Eiffel Tower. Cheese & baguettes for all! 🧀🥖

Midnight In Paris! (on the actual steps where the movie was filmed) 😊

I'm not really a gym kinda guy. Instead, I tend to use the "great outdoors" to keep healthy. Hiking, surfing, trail-running, that sort of thing. Check out this view from Point Mugu State Park in California! Way nicer than a gym...

Packing protein-rich snacks for energy on these adventures is key. Like the new Jack Link's Beef Jerky Beef Steak Strips, made with 100% real beef. How do you #RaiseTheSteaks and get your sweat on? Post a photo and tag me and I'll share some of my favorites! #Sponsored

One of California's most iconic waterfalls... McWay Falls in Big Sur!

I'm visiting Paris for the first time next week. What should I do there?

On Safari In Tanzania

Follow along as we head on safari in Tanzania!

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There's nothing like that feeling you get after completing one of your goals! I think it's one of the reasons I enjoy climbing mountains so much. Tackling a tough challenge, and being rewarded for your efforts with amazing views and a sense of accomplishment. 😀

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"If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours." ~ Henry David Thoreau

30 Best Travel Tips After 7 Years Traveling

My best travel tips after 7 years backpacking around the world. Do you have any favorites?

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No trip down the California coast is complete without a stop in San Francisco! Just a quick stop though... this place is freaking expensive. :p

California dreamin’! ☀️ We had a blast cruising down the coastline on US 1.

The next country I want to visit most is ___________ (and why). Go!

Anna walking through a spooky cypress tree tunnel north of San Francisco. :)

Springtime in Big Sur along the rugged California coast! #BigLittleRoadTrip

Road trip time! Anna & I are driving down the coast of California’s PCH this week, trying to find all the cool spots.

Have you driven the PCH before? Have any tips for us?

What does the term "adventure travel" mean to you?

Nighttime in the Sierra Nevada Mountains at 12,000 feet.


My friends Amanda & Matt are leading a tour to Iceland this fall. Looks fun! One of my favorite countries.

The gear I took up Mt. Whitney. Two days. 37 pounds. Not including the cat.

Traversing Mount Whitney the other week. Awesome day!

Every year I like to challenge myself, and push my comfort zone. I decided to try some winter mountaineering in California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains!

So I climbed Mt. Whitney, the highest mountain in the continental United States at 14,505 ft (4421 m) over the course of two days via the “mountaineer’s route.” It was a tough, but exhilarating experience!

To help fuel my adventure, I brought along new Jack Link's Beef Steak Strips made with 100% beef for a quick & tasty boost of protein when my energy was running low.

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Anna and I went on safari in Tanzania for our honeymoon. We saw Africa's "big five" animals, visited some beautiful places, and met with a couple local tribes. Here are some photos!

15 Photos That Will Make You Want To Visit Tanzania:

Announcing: | Anna Everywhere

If you're interested in learning more about blogging & social media, my wife Anna is co-leading a retreat to Bali in September, and they have a few spots left!

‪St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow! What a crazy-cool building...‬

Gearing up for a big hike later this week! Do you have any mountains you've been dreaming of climbing?

Bathrooms Around The World: Russia Edition

What a fun journey! Even after a bit of extreme weather, and occasionally tipping the snowmobiles/sleds in rough terrain, our adventure photography expedition through Kamchatka was a success.

Couldn't have asked for a better group of people to share the experience with!

How To Survive Cold Weather Like A Polar Explorer • Expert Vagabond

Planning a winter adventure? Stay warm with these great tips from Polar Explorer Eric Larsen!

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Citizen Watch US | #MyCitizen

I’m back from the mountains of Kamchatka. Aside from a little frostbite, we all survived. 😆

I’ll be sharing more photos from our adventure over the next few weeks!

Our last day in the mountains of Kamchatka. We have to take the snowmobiles 110km back to the nearest town. Saw bear & wolverine tracks the other day...

Many sketchy river crossings today via snowmobile. We had to build our own bridge for one, out of small trees. Staying at a remote cabin under a volcano!

Satellite again. One of our snowmobiles broke down. We’re 3 hours from camp, and the sun is going down. Getting cold. Every day is an adventure here!

TravelCon - The place to learn the business of travel media

Come join me on a photo walk in Austin, TX this September! I’ll be sharing photography tips and business advice this year at TravelCon, along with a bunch of other travel media professionals. Learn about blogging, travel writing, Instagram, and YouTube too.

Use the code “myguest” for $50 off. Hope to see you there!

Meet my new friend Snow White! She’s one of 1200 reindeer we met the other day here in the wilds of Kamchatka, Russia.

They live off grass growing below the snowpack, roaming free across a vast landscape with their nomadic Even herders keeping them safe until it’s time for culling some for meat & hides, as they have for a thousand years.

Craziest day ever. Traveled 60km over one of Kamchatka’s icy high plateaus. Battling 60mph winds. -39F wind chill.

We were forced to evacuate back to the village of Esso for a night, as we wouldn’t have made it to the next reindeer camp before dark.

Really impressed with everyone on our team. This was hardcore, and way more difficult than we were expecting.

Time to break out the vodka!

Today we hung out with 1200 reindeer! I got a selfie with one. Climbed a snowy volcano. Drank reindeer blood with the Even people. Normal day in Russia.

Greetings from Russia! Sending this message via satellite. Started our snowmobile expedition through Kamchatka. Very cold, lots of deep snow. Camping now.

Welcome to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, Russia!

Kamchatka’s largest city is surrounded by epic volcanoes. For the next two weeks I’ll be co-leading a photography expedition into this landscape.

We’ll be off-the-grid, traveling by snowmobile and staying with the indigenous Even people.

I’ll be sharing a few satellite updates (text only) until we get back to civilization!

Packed and ready for Russia!

For the next two weeks I’m co-leading a photography & cultural expedition through the remote peninsula of Kamchatka.

I’ll share photos when I can, however much of the trip is off-the-grid. Traveling by snowmobile & sleeping in yurts and hunting cabins. ❄️

Overlooked No More: Alison Hargreaves, Who Conquered Everest Solo and Without Bottled Oxygen

The inspiring, and sad, story of Alison Hargreaves. A mother who conquered the world's highest mountains.

Eric Larsen: Polar Explorer

My interview with professional Polar Explorer Eric Larsen!

Eric has trekked to the North Pole, South Pole, and summited Mt. Everest all in a single year.
Thanks Citizen Watch US for making this happen.

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The mountains are calling. Are you gonna answer?

Meet the Dik Dik! This super cute antelope is one of the smallest in Africa, at just over a foot tall. We found this pair while on safari in Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park.

They mark their territory with their “tears” from that black spot at the corner of their eye. How cute are these things?!

Admiring the bright red Aztec sandstone outcrops of Nevada’s Valley Of Fire State Park. w/ Anna Everywhere