Since moving back to the United States, I've been having fun exploring more of my own country in the downtime between international trips.

This is Movie Road, in the Alabama Hills of California.

Adventures On The Big Island Of Hawaii (Plus Red Hot Magma!) • Expert Vagabond

Dreaming of traveling to Hawaii? I strongly recommend you include a trip to the Big Island! Here are the best things to do there.

Special thanks to Holualoa Inn for hosting us. 🌺

I hope you get to spend today with someone you love. ❤️

Pura Vida! Beautiful Photography From Costa Rica • Expert Vagabond

Warm up this week with some of my favorite photos from Costa Rica!

Under a canopy of stars at Joshua Tree National Park.

LIVE INTERVIEW TODAY! Tune into my Insta Stories around 5PM EST for a live interview with famed arctic explorer Eric Larsen.

We’ll be talking about what it’s like to ski to the North Pole, and how he became a professional adventurer!

Feel free to ask us questions too!

The colorful & maze-like medina in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Ending the day with a beautiful California sunset at El Matador beach.

25 Important Travel Safety Tips You Need To Know • Expert Vagabond

Some recommendations for how to stay safe while traveling the world! Tips for both men & women.

Trekking across the ice as it cracks beneath us.

Citizen Watch US | #MyCitizen

Into the ice & snow we go! ☃️

This is Polar Explorer Eric Larsen skiing across Lake Winnipeg, pulling a sled full of supplies to last the next 5 days. He's teaching a Level 1 polar expedition course, showing students how to survive outside in extreme cold, snow, and ice conditions.

Citizen Watch US | #MyCitizen

Boundary Waters Canoe Area: Paddling Into The Wild • Expert Vagabond

My first canoe trip in Northern Minnesota won't be my last!

Winter camping on Lake Winnipeg to simulate conditions for a North Pole expedition. Look at those stars!

Part of a polar expedition training course with professional Polar Explorer Eric Larsen and Citizen Watch US. Learned a lot about how to survive extreme cold-weather adventures!


Polar Expedition Training: Day 3

Time to hit the ice again! Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and cold temperatures (-16 F!) on Lake Winnipeg, where we've been training for arctic adventures with professional Polar Explorer Eric Larsen and Citizen Watch US.

The Promaster Altichron's integrated solar panel means you never have to worry about dead batteries during outdoor expeditions like this...


Polar Expedition Training: Day 2

Windy conditions on Lake Winnipeg today! It was time for the team to hit the ice, learning how to pull sleds in conditions very similar to the North Pole.

We were all trying to get the hang of our layering techniques and keep warm in the windy, cold environment.

Citizen Watch US | #MyCitizen

Polar Expedition Training: Day 1

I'm up in Manitoba, Canada with Citizen Watch US for the next few days to learn arctic expedition skills from Polar Explorer Eric Larsen.

We learned to set up tunnel tents, sew nose-beaks onto goggles, and techniques for sleeping at below-zero temperatures.

Eric has skied to the North Pole, the South Pole, and climbed Mount Everest. All in the same year! #MyCitizen

So fun to see this massive flock of pink flamingos erupt into flight over Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania!

w/ Soul of Tanzania

Expert Vagabond

Time for a new profile pic. Hiking in the mountains between Afghanistan & Pakistan. 😀 Blog post:

National Geographic Travel

That backpack looks familiar... :p

This wonderful woman is Narajah, of Tanzania’s Datoga tribe. Known for their blacksmithing talents, the Datoga produce knives, bracelets, and arrowheads out of aluminum & brass with a campfire kiln.

Narajah’s husband has 7 wives. Each has her own house for raising their children.

We all sat down to ask each other questions. Apparently Narajah’s husband gave her 10 cows as a marriage gift. They asked Anna Everywhere how many cows she got from me... they weren’t impressed when they learned all she got was a cat!

w/ Soul of Tanzania

How To Find The Cheapest Flights For Traveling

Did you know January is the best month of the year to book your future flights? Get on it!

2018 Kamchatka Photography Tour

Last call to join me on an epic photography adventure in Russia!

This March I'm taking a small group of explorers to the remote peninsula of Kamchatka, on the edge of Siberia. We're traveling by snowmobile and living with ethnic reindeer herders, experiencing their traditional way of life. I'll also be teaching some travel photography skills.

We'd love to have you! More info here:

After leaving the Serengeti, we drove for hours to Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater. Along the rim, Maasai Mara villages like this one dot the landscape.

The tribe leads cows down into the wildlife-filled crater to graze along with all the elephants, zebras, and lions. Their traditional red cloaks actually help scare away predators!

Happy New Year everyone! Anna Everywhere and I want to wish you a safe, adventurous, and exciting year ahead. 🍾

What are your goals for 2018? Any big travel plans?

Enjoying some fresh Christmas pow in New Hampshire!

I woke up like this.

Soul of Tanzania | #safari

White men can’t jump! 😂 Learning how to dance with Maasai warriors on the outskirts of the Serengeti with Soul of Tanzania.

Maasai villages near the main road like this one are used to generate income from tourists to help purchase clothing, sugar, school supplies, and other goods.

After a year, this village will move back to their home area (inaccessible by roads) and another group takes over the space for the same purpose. The tribe shares this prime real-estate so each family can benefit. 👍🏼

So many zebras in the Serengeti! We must have seen hundreds of them on our game drive with Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania.

Do you know what their stripes are for?

Now THIS is a waterfall! Can you spot me?

First stop on our Tanzania adventure with Soul of Tanzania.

Kenya is full of surprises... 🦒

Heading on safari this week into Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. What’s your favorite African animal?

We made it to Africa! Anna Everywhere & I are visiting Kenya & Tanzania for our honeymoon this month — first stop was the famous Giraffe Manor outside Nairobi.

Their giraffe center has released over 40 of these endangered Rothschild Giraffes back into the wild after breeding them. So cool to hang out with these amazing animals up close!

BOUNDARY WATERS - Canoe Adventure

My 10 day canoe adventure into the Boundary Waters!

I've always been fascinated with the desert, ever since watching Laurence of Arabia as a kid!

The magic of the Northern Lights dancing over Norway.

First time I ever went snowshoeing to a beach! Worth it.

Hanging out with Pele, the Goddess of fire. I've always been a fan of her work. :D

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Taking the drone out for a spin over Mokoliʻi Island!

The FCC is trying to kill the internet in December. We need to stop them. Learn how you can help here:

Kealakekua Bay on Hawaii's Big Island. We spent the day kayaking & snorkeling here, the water is so clear!

Holualoa Inn | #HolualoaInn

Bathrooms Around The World: Afghanistan Edition 🚽

The Fear of Missing Out: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Instagram

I've been having this issue recently... there's just too much cool stuff I want to do! What about you?

Alright guys, I need your help. I'm updating my travel gift guide this year -- do you have any recommendations for cool travel gifts? Something fun/useful for frequent travelers?

Travel with me to Kamchatka in March! Our adventure travel & photography tour to this remote Russian peninsula has had a few new spots open up.

We're staying with ethnic reindeer herders, traveling by snowmobile, soaking in natural hot-springs, and capturing amazing images along the way. It's going to be a travel experience unlike any other!

Learn more here:

Our little slice of paradise on the Big Island of Hawaii! The beautiful Holualoa Inn sits above Kona overlooking the ocean. It was a tranquil base for experiencing the island’s many adventures.

Finally got to meet Pele, the Hawaiian Goddess of fire, up close and personal! She's definitely hot... :p